God Bless Electro

Ah, the 90s. A wonderful time in my life. At the turn of said decade I was the tender age of -1… memories. sigh. Well, life goes on, and I have two old ass songs electrified and up for grabs today. The have been thoroughly updated thanks to all the modern day ass shakin’ technology involved in the art of remixing. First up to bat are the French DJ extrodinaires Mustard Pimp giving Will Smith’s 90s anthem “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” a run for its aging money.

"Fuck you too."

Will Smith – Fresh Prince Of Bel Air ( Mustard Pimp Remix) by mustard pimp

Ok, now: the Offspring. Love em or hate em, I don’t give a shit. What does concern me is that you listen to the remix of their radio hit, “Come Out and Play” and think of where you were the first time you heard it. Ok good. Now forget everything you know about the song and listen to the ever incredible Stereoheroes‘ version of said track. I mean, these French (I know it seems like everyone and their mums in France produces electronic) dudes know how to bring the noise. Check it out.

The Offspring – Come Out And Play [Keep ’em Separated] (StereoHeroes Remix) by stereoheroes


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